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Reliable Factory Car Navigation Radio Repair and Programming Services

Factory Car Navigation Radio Touch Screen, Read Error, and Mainboard Repairs.

Email support@navrepair.com for fastest response, or call 1-855-628-7372

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the entire process work? 

You will be responsible for shipping to and from us. 
Print out the correct authorization form for what service you require. 
Repair Authorization Form
Programming Authorization Form 
Conversion Authorization Form
Warranty Authorization Form
Each form has all the information needed to ship to us on the second page. In addition, it shows your preferred method to ship back, as well as payment options. 
We highly recommend paying in advance to avoid playing phone tag, although we do offer a pay by phone option. 
Payment Methods: 
Pay By Phone
Shipping Time: 
Screen Repairs - 1 business day 
Main Board Issues - Between 3-5 days depending on the issue
Programming - 1 business day 
A good portion of the screen repairs and programming will go out the same day they come to us provided its the first incoming shipment of the day. 



How do I ship my unit to you?

Please print out the applicable authorization form and check the second page for our address. 
  • You will be responsible for shipping the unit to us, and once repaired, we will repackage using our supplies to ship back to you. 
  • We use FedEx and USPS specifically for shipping back to you, however you're more than welcome to ship via UPS as we do have a truck that delivers once a day. 
  • You can also include a return shipping label if you work for a business and get a discounted rate, however our return shipping costs usually will be cheaper than what it costs to send the unit to us.
It's imperative you send your unit extremely well packaged. 
We've had a rough start to 2018 in regards of damaged packages that could have easily been prevented 

Things to avoid: 

 Used Amazon Prime boxes 
Time and time again I've seen a ton of previously used amazon prime boxes shipped to us with a radio more damaged than what the original condition was stated. We document suspicious packages and take pictures/videos when necessary. This is for our safety and yours as well. These amazon boxes were not designed to not only be shipped twice, but have a 10LB (4.5KG) radio be transported across the country. 
Although I have personally seen newspaper successfully used, it's not recommended. The newspaper does not support the package as much as peanuts or bubble wrap would. Sometimes we've seen the newspaper pushed to the side due to the weight of the unit, and size of the package. 
It's only bad because it makes a gigantic mess in the office, and inside your radio as well (if it wasn't wrapped in something). We've had to open up radios with the concern of starting a fire due to little bits of Styrofoam that were caught inside the exhaust fans. 
Recommendations for shipping: 
You can save on shipping costs by reusing a box, however be sure the box is in excellent condition and is not thin as a coin.
Reusing shipping supplies from past purchases, (bubble wrap, packing peanuts etc) can save quite a bit on material cost. 


Just because your radio is damaged, doesn't mean you should cheap out on shipping, unless you're okay with other parts being broken as well! 

You shouldn't be able to hear anything when you shake your package!  



 Do you sell parts? 

Absolutely! We always have!

Send us an email at support@navrepair.com to inquire about ordering special parts and we can check our stock. We have a ton of random parts even for radios we do not usually repair. 



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