8.4 Uconnect RA3 / RA4 / VP3 / VP4 Sierra Wireless Failure Repair

  • $ 299.99

This repair service is for the following make/model(s):

2014+ Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Trailhawk SRT & Cherokee
2013+ RAM 1500 2500 3500 Chassis Cab
2014+ Dodge Durango
2015+ Dodge Challenger
2015+ Chrysler 200
2015+ Chrysler 300
2013+ Dodge Viper SRT
2015+ Dodge Charger

Summary of Issue



The Sierra Wireless Card Failure is becoming a known issue. Symptoms must match all of the following.

  • Error message stating "Vehicle phone requires service. Please contact your dealer"

  • GPS is not tracking location properly, "way off course". Prior to a complete failure, it may be a few miles off, or even a few states... but a complete Failure results in USA models to become fixed on "S Flores St. San Antonio, Texas" and Canadian Models become fixed on "Rue Berri, Montreal Quebec"

  • Under "Where Am I" when GPS is clicked, the signal bars below "Accuracy" will have no reception, and quite possibly some or all of the details about Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Accuracy will be zero.

Most importantly, if you experience all of these symptoms, DO NOT try to update the software to clear any problems. If you take your vehicle to the dealership, and they want to try an update, do so at your own risk, but the following will happen 99% of the time, so it's better to refuse. If you do, or did do an update, the radio will fail at Step 11: Sierra Wireless, and it results in a permanent cycle of requesting an update, and will always fail if given one. When this happens, it must be sent in for repair, or replaced entirely. These radio units are quite expensive, so sending it in for a repair is a preferred economical option.

How the process works:

You will be responsible for shipping to and from us. Print out the Repair Authorization Form from below and fill it out. It has all the information needed to ship to us on the second page.
In addition, it shows your preferred method to ship back, as well as payment options. 
We highly recommend paying in advance to avoid playing phone tag, although we do offer a pay by phone option. 
Once we receive your radio, we will try to repair it within 1 business day, however a good portion of the screen repairs will go out the same day they come to us provided its the first incoming shipment of the day. 
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for additional info about the process! 


Please click on the authorization form below
Fill out and include with the shipment of your radio