Uconnect Mygig 730N RER & RHR Can Bus Conversion Service

  • $ 299.99

Convert your existing 

 730N RER or RHR

  Mygig radio Can Bus from:

Low 2 High


High 2 Low

2007-2016 MYGIG 6.5" radios are built to run on one of two different Can Bus systems, a low-speed computer Bus system (CAN-B) and a high-speed computer Bus system (CAN-C). MyGIG radios designed for a high-speed electrical bus will not work on a vehicle with a low-speed bus, and vice versa.

If you are not sure which Can Bus your radio or vehicle has, please contact us and we'll determine both for you. 

Conversion turnaround time is 1-3 business days from day received.


How the process works:

You will be responsible for shipping to and from us. Print out the Repair Authorization Form from below and fill it out. It has all the information needed to ship to us on the second page.
In addition, it shows your preferred method to ship back, as well as payment options. 
We highly recommend paying in advance to avoid playing phone tag, although we do offer a pay by phone option. 
Once we receive your radio, we will try to repair it within 1 business day, however a good portion of the screen repairs will go out the same day they come to us provided its the first incoming shipment of the day. 
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for additional info about the process! 

Please click on the authorization form below
Fill out and include with the shipment of your radio