Update and Unlock Service: UConnect MyGIG RBZ 430 RHR 730N RER 730 RHB 430N

  • $ 99.99

Did you purchase a radio from a third party seller?
(eBay Craigslist etc..)

Is your radio extremely out of date? 

 Have you seen this screen show up?



    Please be advised: You must ship your radio to our facility for this service.

    This service Includes:

    • Removing security code popup screen that appears after initial power on.
    • Bench Test (We'll let you know if there are any problems with your radio and cost to repair-Optional)
    • Update to system software to latest WE have available
    • Extensive radio cleaning (buttons, screen, and radio body)

    Programming turnaround time is 1 business day from day received.

    How the process works:

    You will be responsible for shipping to and from us. Print out the Repair Authorization Form from below and fill it out. It has all the information needed to ship to us on the second page.
    In addition, it shows your preferred method to ship back, as well as payment options. 
    We highly recommend paying in advance to avoid playing phone tag, although we do offer a pay by phone option. 
    Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for additional info about the process! 
    Please click on the authorization form below
    Fill out and include with the shipment of your radio